John Thomas, Conductor

Santa Cruz, CA






 Our next concert will be in early February, 2015 (TBA) 



Alushta student visit (Nov. 29 - Dec. 12, 2008) - 21 students from the Alushta Music School and 6 adults visited Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz City Band and the Alushta Music School Band performed together and separately in a concert on December 8 (click on the "Sounds" link to the left for some audio and video clips). During their stay in Santa Cruz the students were hosted by local families and they experienced many activities and events.


Trip to Alushsta, Ukraine (May 8-18, 2008) - Music is a language that needs no translation, as members of the Santa Cruz City Band discovered on their recent trip to sister city Alushta, Ukraine.  The band played 2 concerts in this city situated on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine. In one concert the Santa Cruz band combined with the Alushta Music School Band to perform before a packed auditorium. During the concert conductor John Thomas announced the donation of several instruments (clarinet, trumpet, trombone and tuba) to the music school. During the trip the Santa Cruz band members were treated to outings at wineries, museums, the czar's palace in Yalta, a public school, an afternoon at a spa and a day of horseback riding in the mountains. The band made many friends and highlights were a meeting with local government officials, and parties given by the parents of the music school students and the Rotary Club of Alushta.         
























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