Current members:

  Thomas Daskaloff, trumpet

  Len Moore, trumpet

  Lee Griffith, trumpet

  Charles Old, trumpet

  Michael Auest, trumpet

  Rick Van Stolk, trumpet

  Rob Franks, French Horn

  Joe Dickinson, French Horn

  Ken Weisner, French Horn

  Mark Joiner, euphonium/trombone

  Charlie McDowell, euphonium/trombone

  Stan George, trombone

Scott Harris, trombone

  Bob Smith, trombone

  Mike Herbert, tuba




Who we are:

We�re a very informal group of brass musicians who get together to play for fun once a week in Santa Cruz, CA.

What we do:

We play brass quintet/ensemble works, mostly classical, some jazz and standards, but we�ll try anything. We have some favorites and we also do a lot of sight-reading.

When and Where we meet:

We meet most every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and play for about two hours. Our rehearsal space is at 222 Market St., Santa Cruz (near Market and Water St.). Map


$3 per musician per rehearsal to cover the space rent, but newcomers are welcome to try us out for free. The space is large, well lit, has good acoustics, and it has a stage (and a bathroom). Chairs are provided - bring a music stand!

If you are interested in joining us, hearing us, or finding out more about us - or if you have any questions - please send us an email.                          

Sound Samples

Aria from Queen of the Night


El Gato Montes

Ivan's Adventure

Russian Sailor's Dance

Video Clips

Rock Around the Clock

Orange Tie

Killer Tango


Aria from Queen of the Night

El Gato Montes

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Russian Sailors' Dance

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